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Even though your natural tooth enamel is very hard there are some rare situations where a hard fall or a blow to the face can severely crack a tooth. In an extreme situation the crack might be so severe that it causes significant damage to internal structures of the tooth. In a situation like this Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge’s dental team will often recommend having the cracked tooth extracted and restored with a bridge.

A bridge is essentially a replacement tooth similar to a ground on it is fused to crowns that are mounted on the two closest neighboring teeth. Once secured in place the bridge will completely restore the appearance and function of all three teeth.

A Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge dentist will remove the majority of the enamel layer from each nearby tooth to form a pair of abutments. These small post-like structures containing the healthy dentin, pulp and root of each tooth, and will provide a strong anchor for your eventual bridge.

The dentist will then form a detailed impression of the area and the correspondent teeth in your bite pattern. This we be sent to our dental lab where your permanent bridge is made. Temporary crowns will be cemented over each abutment to protect it while you await your bridge.

We will contact you to schedule a second appointment when your bridge is ready. The temporary crowns are removed and your new bridge is cemented in place.

If you have a cracked tooth, you should not delay in contacting the offices of Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge in Woodbridge, Virginia at 703-878-7883 to schedule an emergency appointment.