Fluoride Is Like Nature’s Self-Defense Against Cavities

Numerous studies have shown that fluoride, as it occurs in nature, can indeed effectively strengthen and remineralize your tooth enamel. When harmful acids that are created by bacteria in your mouth are allowed to run rampant, serious tooth decay can occur. With the help of fluoride and fluoride-based products, your tooth enamel will be much… Read more »

Why it is Important to Floss Your Teeth

You probably understand how brushing your teeth can benefit the health of your entire mouth, but do you know why flossing is important? In reality, there are a number of benefits to flossing, and a few things you may need to do to get the most benefits from your flossing. When you brush your teeth,… Read more »

Would You Like a Straighter Smile With Invisalign®?

Are your teeth crooked and in need of a restoration via orthodontic treatments? Would you like a straighter smile with Invisalign®? The Invisalign system is a highly regarded smile restoration that features clear aligners that slip over your teeth and can be easily removed for eating. No longer does a set of orthodontic aligners mean… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Do you ever yearn for a more beautiful smile? Do smile flaws make you embarrassed, or even ashamed, of your smile? Ask Dr. what cosmetic dentistry in , , can do for your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is growing more and more popular. Our dentist has the tools needed to whiten your smile, replace missing teeth,… Read more »

We Can Improve Your Smile with Dental Veneers

If you want to dive into the holidays with a fresh start, be sure to contact your dentist at for an oral checkup or professional cleaning. If you want to treat yourself to a gift this season, we can give you a complete mouth makeover with dental veneers. Veneers can improve your smile so drastically,… Read more »

Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile

Dental implants have thousands of successful treatment stories when it comes to dental restorations. Here at in , , we are proud to offer dental important as part of your smile restoration. Dental implants can help boost your self-esteem, help make chewing and talking easier, and keep your smile healthy and strong. Dental implants can… Read more »

A Loose Crown Should Never Be Ignored

Even though your crown has been cemented firmly onto the abutment, there are still times when a hard fall, a blow to the face or pervasive nature of gum disease can cause it to come loose. Early symptoms of compromised cement might include a minor pain when biting down, or even a slight wiggle in the… Read more »

A Badly Cracked Tooth Often Needs to be Extracted Before Being Replaced with a Bridge

Even though your natural tooth enamel is very hard there are some rare situations where a hard fall or a blow to the face can severely crack a tooth. In an extreme situation the crack might be so severe that it causes significant damage to internal structures of the tooth. In a situation like this… Read more »

Test Your Dental Care Wisdom With This Five-Question Quiz

Do you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to dental care in , ? If so, our team would like to test that knowledge! To measure your dental care wisdom, please feel free to take this five-question dental quiz and let us know how you do: Question: How often should I visit my… Read more »

Advice on How to Recover Following Tooth Extraction

If you want to return to a strong and successful oral health after you’ve had a tooth extracted in , , then it’s best to recover properly. If you don’t take advantage of the healing process, then there is a chance that you’ll experience unnecessary pain and discomfort and even dry socket. So, to help… Read more »