What are clear aligners?

At Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge, we are excited to offer Invisalign® for your orthodontic needs.  Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are recommended for teenagers and adults who need orthodontic and functional corrections.

Why should I use Invisalign?

Aside from being clear, Invisalign has several benefits over traditional braces. Unlike wire braces, Invisalign trays can be removed, making eating and dental hygiene easier.  They are also very aesthetically pleasing while functioning in the straightening of your teeth process.  With proper use of Invisalign treatment, you will see a dramatic difference in your smile.  With the treatment, the benefits of having straight teeth affects the health of your teeth as well as the aesthetics. For example, having straight teeth makes biting, chewing and talking simpler, make cleaning and dental hygiene easier and more effective and can prevent abnormalities on the chewing surface which can lead to jaw pain and headaches.

If you are a candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Rita D. Wright will discuss your treatment options and design a plan and improve your aesthetics and function.  If you have any questions about the benefits of a Invisalign in Woodbridge, Virginia, please feel free to contact us today. We are eager to hear from you.