Dr. Rita D. Wright may recommend a dental crown for you if you have a tooth that is badly weakened, cracked, discolored or stained. A dental crown is a restoration that can be fabricated to match your individual smile’s shape, size, color or tone. While they can have cosmetic advantages, dental crowns are also designed to restore your smile to its optimal comfort and function. A crown can cover a tooth that is fractured, chipped, damaged or decayed.

Dental crowns, which are also commonly known as a cap, are also useful for completing root canal therapy or finishing a dental implant. Depending on your situation, our dentist may choose dental crowns to anchor a dental bridge. Because of the various types of dental bridges—and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type—we recommend a consultation with Dr. Rita D. Wright to see which type of crown could be right for you. Our team is devoted to providing you with family-friendly dental care and is eager to help you have the smile of your dreams. If you have any questions about the benefits a dental crown in Woodbridge, Virginia, could offer you, please contact Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge today.