What are sealants?

If you are interested in adding another layer of protection to your smile, Dr. Rita D. Wright may recommend a sealant. Sealants are a liquid that is painted directly onto the tooth to create a seal that prevents food from further entering hard to reach areas. Sealants are applied to molars and premolars, which are the pitted and grooved teeth, because they are the most difficult to clean thoroughly.

Are sealants right for me?

Generally, sealants are recommended for children whose permanent teeth have erupted and for teenagers, but in some cases they can be useful for adults as well. Our friendly dentist may recommend sealants for your child as soon as their permanent molars have erupted, because they can offer additional protection during the most cavity prone years. At times, our friendly team at Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge may recommend sealants for children and adults to protect and preserve their natural dentition. If you have any questions about the advantages of dental sealants in Woodbridge, Virginia, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to helping you have the happy, healthy smile of your dreams!