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It’s important to replace your missing teeth. If you don’t, your smile will be prone to many other problems and complications, like misaligned teeth, improper tooth movements, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, we understand that choosing to replace your missing teeth could be an overwhelming decision to make, which is why we are happy to tell you all about dental bridges!

Dental bridges are strong, reliable restorations that successfully replace your missing teeth and give you the smile you are looking for. They are generally made of two or more dental crowns and artificial teeth. The bridge is anchored by the remaining teeth that lie on both sides of the gap in your smile, and the gap is filled with the artificial teeth that allow you to successfully perform everyday tasks.

There are many reasons why you should bridge the gap in your smile with this restoration, and some of those reasons include:

• A dental bridge can improve the appearance of your smile.
• A dental bridge can replace your missing teeth.
• A dental bridge can maintain the shape of your face.
• A dental bridge can give you the ability to properly chew and speak.
• A dental bridge can improve your bite.
• A dental bridge can prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of place.

A dental bridge is a great restoration that can finally give you the smile you want. To find out if this is the best solution for your smile, call our office today and talk to a member of our friendly team! We are happy to help you.