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The hidden benefits of lasers are not easily known, but the truth is that lasers have been commonly accepted in a wide variety of dental services for over 2 decades now. With each passing decade, we are finding new and better methods to impellent lasers into dentistry to improve the precision of our treatments.

Beginning around 1994, lasers began to appear in dental offices around the country. Not only can they remove surplus gum tissue to help reshape gums around teeth, they can remove decay to prepare teeth for dental fillings, and clean the spaces around teeth to prepare them for root canals.

Lasers can be used to help whiten your smile. With many professional teeth whitening treatments, a special gel is layered on your teeth. Lasers are then used to stimulate the gels to dive below the tooth enamel and safely remove stains and discolorations. Lasers can even be used to help take off small amounts of tissue for cancer biopsies.

Keeping your teeth clean ensures oral ailments will not be able to harm you. To schedule a laser dentistry treatment at Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge with Dr. Rita D. Wright and our team at our dentist office in Woodbridge, Virginia, simply give us a call at 703-878-7883. Come on in, and get noticed with a better smile today!