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Did you know there’s a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses specifically on the mouths of children, including infants? This branch of dentistry is known as pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists are normally highly trained for oral health care treatments necessary for improving and restoring smiles. They’ve also received extensive treatment to further progress a child’s oral health care,

Pediatric dentists have received additional training beyond their general dentistry training to prepare them for the numerous conditions and oral health ailments that commonly plague children. Typically, pediatricians have received 3 to 5 years of complex pediatric training. Furthermore, they are highly trained at administering adult treatments for children, including x-rays, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants.

If your child’s oral health care is suffering due to any number of ailments, seek out our pediatric office to restore their smile. Common conditions that can arise include baby bottle tooth decay, thumb sucking habits, and teething. Although not all conditions are guaranteed to cause harm to your child’s mouth, they often greatly enhance their risks for oral health failure.

If you would like a pediatric dentistry treatment from Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge at our dentist office in Woodbridge, Virginia, please contact us at 703-878-7883. Dr. Rita D. Wright and the rest of our team will ensure your child gets the clean and healthy smile they need. We look forward to seeing you and your young ones soon!