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The entire teething experience can be a tough one—for the baby and for you as a parent. During this stage of growth, the baby’s primary teeth grow into the mouth, which is a very painful and uncomfortable experience. So, it’s normal for your baby to be fussy, irritable, and restless. To help you provide the comfort and relief your child deserves, we strongly recommend doing the following things as your baby grows into their new smile:

• Massage your child’s gums with your clean fingers. This will release the tension in their mouth and will help them feel better.

• Give your child a small, chilled spoon to suck on. This little utensil will act as an icing agent and will help the sore gums feel a bit better.

• Try giving your child a clean teething ring. These rings will help your child’s gums become stronger and less tender.

Generally, your baby will being teething around 4-7 months of age. However, it is also normal for babies to begin teething around 3-12 months of age. Usually, babies will have their full mouth of teeth by the time they are 3 years old. Now remember, it is recommended to bring your child into our office for their first checkup after their first tooth has grown into place. This appointment will be easy and comfortable and it will help your child become more familiar with the dental office and dental team.

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