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Oral perfection happens when a lot of little things are done right. Among toothbrushing, dental checkups, and healthy eating, this list of ‘little things’ includes flossing in between the teeth. We want you to be a champion flosser so we decided to create a guide that you can use, so, along with the practice of other hygiene habits, your teeth can obtain perfection.

Start with around 18 inches of floss, and wind most of the floss around one finger from each hand, leaving about two inches of floss in between the fingers. Move the piece up and down in the spaces between each tooth, keeping it taught. Be thorough, cleaning the top and bottom of each tooth and curving the floss to clean the base of each tooth. Wind the floss through your fingers as you floss, exposing unused sections.

If there is any blood on your first few times thoroughly flossing, you don’t need to be nervous because that is normal. If your gums persist in their bleeding, come into Wright Smile Center of Woodbridge for a dental checkup. You may have early stages of gum disease. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rita D. Wright, call 703-878-7883. Our office is located in Woodbridge, Virginia, and should be easy to find.

For children, older adults, and other patients, it is difficult to use normal string floss. To resolve this problem we recommend using a water flosser or floss picks. Water flossers use pressurized streams of water to clean in between each tooth and rinse of the gums. Floss picks are plastic tools that utilize tiny pieces of floss that are tightly attached between two appendages.

If you remember to persistently floss and take care of your teeth, you may find yourself smiling into the bathroom mirror only to realize that your perfection is smiling back.